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Boulet "Notes 4 - Songe est mensonge"

George R. R. Martin "A Dance with Dragons"

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image"but wait what is that?!"

so accurate it hurts

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thats it, this is my favorite video on the internet. im done

i am done

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I met an old primary school teacher at work yesterday. Sixteen years has passed and we recognized each other

That made me smile the entire afternoon.


I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves

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Game of Thrones Comic Con Blooper Reel

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En direct sur France Inter.
Oui, France Inter, oui. Le rock est immortel.

Get a smartphone, or how to get addicted to stupid apps and games that you never needed before.


I’ve decided my future home will have a bed in every room, and it will be a necessity that every room has a sleepy place.

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J’entends vibrer ta voix dans tous les bruits du monde.
Paul Éluard

Italy + Water  x

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